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Many people feel uncomfortable planning for life insurance because it is connected with the end. Consequently, if the appropriate steps are not taken, loved ones won't be financially protected.   How does it work? “A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. In exchange for [monthly] premium payments, the company provides a [...]
In recent years, Columbus, Ohio has been ranked 15 out of 50 states for having the “largest metro areas with 4.3 percent of its population identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender,” (Source).Groups like the Diversity Chamber of Central Ohio have been established to aid the growing minority population.   Purpose of the Diversity Chamber [...]
Beauty and wellness savings hacks can help you save money over your lifetime!  A common misconception is that beauty and wellness products are only for women. But this is far from true! Men still need to use shampoo, lotion, face scrubs, nail clippers... you get the idea. Clearly, everyone needs beauty and wellness products one [...]
The organization, US Together was founded by Nadia, her husband, and a friend; all refugees from the Ukraine. Their vision was to create an organization that fulfilled the needs of refugees and immigrants alike. These founders personally endured obstacles while integrating into America. These experiences gave Nadia a different perspective on immigration. It’s authentic and [...]

June 27, 2019


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You can save on fitness more easily than most people think. Learn that being active doesn’t need to empty your wallet!   Breaking the EXPENSIVE Stereotype You can stay fit while on a budget, it’s possible! Living a fit lifestyle has become increasingly trendy, along with many overpriced clothes, shoes, and electronics. Not to mention, […]

A sad fact in today’s modern society is that many people receive a complete high school and even college education without learning anything about budgeting. We’re taught how to make money, not how to manage it.   But often times, the management part can be more important than what you make. For example, a high […]

Do you struggle to save money? Many people get a second job when there's a shortfall of money. But increasing income isn't the only way you can free up your budget - reducing spending works just as well, without using up extra time. In this article I've compiled a myriad of things that you can [...]
“Can I trust my financial advisor?” You may ask. Choosing the right financial advisor is difficult. Not only do they need to be great at what they do, but they also need to be trustworthy. Money, it’s pretty important. Even though we all use it, most people are not an expert in managing their assets. [...]