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Have you ever enjoyed a glass of wine at dinner and wondered what the one-percenters are enjoying at their tables? Or, perhaps, the one-tenth-of-one-percenters?   Sotheby’s, the auction house based in New York, London and Hong Kong, recently released its 2018 Wine Market Report, which is a summary of the auction action last year among […]

Rich or Comfortable? What would you have to make to be a one-percenter—that is, to have an income in the upper one percent of the population—in the U.S., Singapore, China, Brazil, England or Australia?   The answer, of course, differs in every country. At the bottom of the scale, someone earning $81,000 a year in […]

Magnetic Poles You probably know that when you look at a compass needle, it doesn’t point exactly to the place at the very top of the world, called North Pole. The magnetized needle, instead, is attracted to the MAGNETIC North Pole, which is in a different location.   In fact, the Earth’s Magnetic North Pole […]

What’s the best strategy for navigating choppy investment markets? The classic advice is to hang on for dear life. But is there a better option?   Taming the Roller Coaster A recent article by Michael Batnick of Rithold Wealth Management helpfully reminds us that we have experienced two VERY choppy market periods since 1999. Buy […]

A full month into a historic government shutdown. A full month into a historic government shutdown, after 800,000 government workers have missed their second paycheck, two things are clear:   1) Economists and political pundits had no expectation that the impasse would past this long. 2) The impact on the U.S. economy cannot be calculated with […]

Jan 02, 2019

Bob Veres

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Doesn’t everybody use the internet? Actually, if you look at internet usage acrossthe global economy, you find that the citizens of wealthier nations like Sweden,Australia, Canada and the U.S. are far more likely to have internet access than lesswealthy nations like Tanzania, Indonesia and India. You can see from the graph that GDP per capita […]

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