Proxy Vote Update: Prudential Investment Portfolios (PI)

Below are the resources for and the results of our recent Proxy Vote on behalf of our clients:
Proxy Materials:

rF Voting results:

  1. Vote for the election of of the following nominees:
    1. Ellen S Alberding – For
    2. Kevin J Bannon – For
    3. Linda W Bynoe – For
    4. Keith F Hairstein – For
    5. Michael S Hyland – For
    6. Stephen P Munn – For
    7. James E Quinn – For
    8. Richard A Redeker – For
    9. Stephen G Stoneburn – For
    10. Grace C Torres – For
    11. Stuart S Parker – Against (Conflict of Interest).
    12. Scott E Benjamin – Against (Conflict of Interest).
  2. To approve a policy to permit PI to enter into, or make material changes to, subadvisory agreements with subadvisors that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Prudential Investments or a sister company without shareholder approval:  For
  3. To approve a proposal to designate the fund’s investment objective as a non-fundamental policy of the fund.:  For