Silver Financial Plan

Silver Financial Plan:


For those that want an all-inclusive financial plan, that want to work on a one-time fee basis, this plan is for you.  This is the same planning service (minus accounting and attorney consultations) that we offer to our Full-Service clients so if you may be interested in rolling over funds to us, the Gold Client model may save you a good bit of money up-front – read more here.


Why have a comprehensive plan instead of only a retirement plan?:

While most people are motivated to plan by the momentous occasion of retirement, almost every major financial event in our life could benefit from long-term planning and strategic implementation.  With our comprehensive plan we look at all of the other major events that are going to happen in your life: children’s college, buying/selling property, inheriting wealth, premature death, long-term care, taxes, charitable giving, gifting strategies, and estate planning.  Most people should perform a comprehensive financial plan, but we understand that many people are on a budget and primarily concerned with retirement, which is why we have the various retirement planning services.  However, if you’re reading this, and gotten this far, then we would highly recommend that you spend the extra time and money to plan out everything in your financial future; it is definitely worth the extra time, effort, and expense.


General Financial Planning services:

A financial plan is a comprehensive plan that lays out your current situation, helps you to visualize alternatives and then select the plan that will optimize your resources per your goals and objectives.  We will include all of our retirement planning services mentioned in our other plans plus include all of the additional service shown in this video and below:

Additional services provided in the Silver Financial Plan (In addition to all features in lower plans):

  • College/Education Planning: If you have children/grandchildren that you’d like to help with any kind of education funding, planning ahead and taking advantage of tax preferences can make a large difference.
  • Major Purchase Planning: Buying a second home, boat, time share, rental etc.  How will this affect your cash-flow, taxes and retirement plan?
  • Complex Asset Liquidation Planning: Think you may downsize your home, sell an important commodity, or liquidate business or rental property?  How will this affect your cash-flow and estate plan?
  • Risk Analysis and Survivorship Plan: Do you know what would happen if something happened to you?  What would your spouse or children receive?  Is it enough?  Even if it is, would it be chaos because you’re the only one that knows where everything is and how it works?
  • Investment Review and Asset Allocation Recommendation: To review your current allocation, compared to risk tolerance and goals.  We will provide you with optimal asset allocation models and recommendations on how to reposition your portfolio(s).  *Note that you must be an Asset Management or Full-Service Client to receive individual security recommendations.
  • Simple Tax Planning and 1040 Strategic Review: We will review your general tax situation and help you to understand it’s ramifications to your financial planning and give you general advice to help you optimize your tax situation.
  • Simple Estate Planning: We will review your estate scenario, model it out for you and make recommendations.

What you can expect if you hire us in this capacity?

  1. Select the “Buy this Service” button below and you will make your secure payment via PayPal.
  2. You will be directed to a online scheduling page where you may book your initial appointment immediately.
  3. We will contact you before our initial meeting, within 2 business days, to discuss your situation briefly and supply you with the information that you will need to collect and bring with you.
  4. 1st Appointment: Entails getting to know your Lead Financial Advisor, collecting all financial information, and understanding your goals so we can began to build your draft plan.
  5. Our partner Law Firm will contact you to setup your appointment with them (if necessary).
  6. 2nd Appointment: We will present your draft plan, discuss alternatives, and gather the required information and feedback to complete your final plan.
  7. 3rd Appointment: We will deliver your final plan, help you to understand the intricacies, and discuss how you may implement your plan.

Silver Financial Plan: $3,250.00

Not sure which plan to choose or want to interview us before deciding?


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