Charitable Giving: Smart from the heart:

Do you have causes that you want to support with donations? Here are some tips on how you can participate in charitable giving.

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American’s are a generous people. In fact, American’s give somewhere around 300 billion dollars a year to charity.

You may have causes that you want to support with donations. Here are three tips for giving smart from the heart:

First, ask the hard questions. When you make an investment it’s recommended that you examine your choices and ask lots of questions. You should treat any charitable donation in the same careful manner.

Second, give where it counts. Some universities and major hospitals have huge endowments while your local homeless shelter may struggle to keep its doors open. Sometimes finding smaller charities with bigger needs may increase the impact of your dollars.

Third, volunteer where you donate. The greater donor satisfaction may come with a combination of time and money. Volunteering gives you a chance to see your dollars at work and the rewards may far outweigh simply writing a check.

No matter what your age or income, when you choose to give you will always get more in return. Call today and let’s discuss your needs.