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September 14, 2020




Who is MaxMyInterest? MaxMyInterest (Max) is a cash management solution that helps maximize yield and is FDIC insured. MaxMyInterest is not a bank or a financial institution, but it is a service that helps people intelligently manage the cash that sits in their own bank accounts. Gary Zimmerman, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of [...]
What is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC)? The Small Business Development Center, or SBDC, is a grant-funded national program. Most of their funds come from the SBA. There are many small business development centers in the nation, including numerous ones in Ohio.  Michael Bowers is the Director of Ohio SBDC at Columbus State Community [...]
Who is John Lubinsky? John Lubinsky, the founder of The Lubinsky Team Remax Affiliate, has been rebel Financial’s golf event co-sponsor for the past three years and a contributing sponsor in previous years. As an important member of the Columbus community and rebel Financial’s network, Tony and Phil spoke with John at the 8th annual [...]
Incoming college freshmen and current students are facing many unknowns when it comes to understanding how the college experience will change as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Will classes be online, in-person, or both? Will students be required to wear masks on campus? What about student organizations, and other traditional ways of making connections [...]
Imran Nuri and Tony Jones during the remote LiveBroadcast What is the 52 Million Project? The 52 Million Project was created by Ohio State University graduate, Imran Nuri. The mission is to make a difference by having individuals donate a dollar per week. This idea stems from when Imran was growing up. His parents would give [...]
rebel Financial's Tony Jones and Covid-19 Ventilator Project creator, Tarik Yousef COVID-19 Ventilator Open Source Project Tarik Yousef, the owner of T.Y. Fine Furniture, found himself in a unique position once the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Through his company, he was already working with some of the necessary equipment to create ventilators. He knew that the [...]