Robo rebel

Become a “Robo rebel” client:


This service model is our version of a robo advisor, which are automated investment services that manage your money in an efficient, low-cost manner because they take much of the most expensive component (man-power) out of the equation. We still have a little man-power left in our service model but this plan is simple and caters to those that want help automatically managing/growing/protecting their investments but don’t need a lot of planning or hand-holding.

You would choose us to manage your money, even though we’re a little more expensive than the big name robo advisors, because we still do have advisors when you need us, we have the ability to customize portfolios (tax-managed, socially responsible, renewable energy, Christian values, Sharia/Halal investment strategies), and/or you may want to upgrade to a higher service/planning level in the future, at which time we would already know you and be able to transition you there without loss of continuity or extra expense.

If you are looking to hire an efficient, low-cost investment manager, want us to help you with basic investment guidance, and you want us to manage your accounts on a daily basis then this plan is for you.

What is included as a Robo rebel Client?

  • Online Access to your Robo rebel Portal: You have access to all of your financial accounts with us with the ability to add or transfer more at any time:
    • Connect your 3rd party investment and retirement accounts online so that you can see them in one place, , keep track of your over-all performance, and delegate more/other accounts to us as we continually validate your trust.
  • A custom investment strategy: Your account manager will work with you to make sure that your investment strategy matches your personal goals and preferences:
    • We have over 100 model portfolios that we have built to make sure that we are serving each of our clients’ unique needs:
      • Tax Managed, Socially Responsible, Christian Values, Halal Investing, among others.
  • A financial advisor when you need that human touch: Most people under-perform the markets considerably because they either do not have an investment strategy or they do not have the discipline to stick to it. This primarily comes from the fact that we are not logic machines, we are emotional human beings. Our advisors are here to help you to understand, become more comfortable with, and help you maintain your disciplined investment strategy.
    • It’s not about theoretically having the lowest cost and highest return, it’s about helping our clients practically earn a good rate of return to a high probability of success that will help them accomplish their other goals in life. This is why we’re not the cheapest but we do hope to drive tremendous value to you that will pay off in the long-term.
  • Ability to upgrade to our other service models: You may upgrade at anytime to other service levels, however, our Robo rebel model uses a slightly different technological solution than our eRebel, Silver and Gold models which will require some data re-entry by you if you upgrade.

How much does it cost?

There is no monthly subscription requirement. Click below to view our current management fee schedule:

* All accounts will be held with TD Ameritrade. There is an account minimum of $5,000.00 to open an account. 

So, for example:

  • You setup an $11,000 Roth IRA account with us:
    • You would pay 0.65% of $11,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $17.88 deducted quarterly from your actual investment account.**
  • You setup a $65,000 after-tax accounts, a $100,000 rollover IRA from your old 401k, and a $35,000 Roth IRA  account with us:
    • You would pay 0.6% of $200,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $300.00 deducted quarterly from your actual investment accounts.**

***This is an example for illustrative purposes only and your account value(s) will fluctuate over the year giving slightly different charges based on market performance.

Client Requirements:

At this service level our only requirement is that you must have at least one account held with us through TD Ameritrade and that it is at least $5,000 in value.

Process to becoming an eRebel Client:

  1. Select the “Become an Robo rebel client” button below.
  2. You will be re-directed to an online sign-up page to setup your profile.
  3. Complete your profile setup and then review your portfolio analysis.
  4. Complete the opening & transfer online process for any accounts that you would like us to manage.
  5. Complete any required steps to open and transfer accounts (this is different for each customer so please use the chat box or give us a call if you have problems or questions with this process).
  6. Your account representative will touch base with you to make sure sure that we customize your investment strategy to your needs, goals, and preferences.
  7. There-after, your accounts are managed automatically:
    1. You may keep track of your progress and performance online.
    2. You may contact us if your goals or investment preferences change so that we can adjust your strategy.
    3. You may schedule a quick review with an advisor if you have concerns, questions, or you just need that little bit of human interaction to bridge the gap of efficiency and automation.