Silver rebel Client

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Our Silver rebel clients are on-going clients of our firm that receive the highest level of investment management and financial advice (short of formal financial planning and 3rd party resources).  Our Silver rebel model is a unique service level that most companies do not offer because they fail to differentiate between client’s that want someone to help them with their investment management and general investment questions versus clients that want full-service financial planning.  Ironically, most firms charge for the full-service model but actually give the vast majority of their clients a Silver service level and many more will only sell you a product, never to be heard from again… In recognition that many of our clients only need asset management and basic guidance, but still want the best service and support, we have created this plan to discount you for saving us the time and expense of creating a comprehensive financial plan while offering more service and choice than our eRebel service level.

If you are looking to hire a financial advisor/planner for the long-term, want us to directly manage your assets, want us to directly manage eligible employer plans, help you manage “held-away” accounts, assist you with basic planning/investment questions, and/or make it very easy to upgrade to Gold when you are ready then this plan is for you.

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  • Manage Investments Directly: We watch your investments closely and manage with discretion per your investment objectives. You must use one of our preferred custodians.
  • This also includes employer accounts through TIAA CREF & Fidelity, if eligible at your employer.


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  • Online Access to your rFPW: You have access to all of your financial information and living financial plan.
  • 24/7 Access to Financial Advice: We will always take questions from you to help you streamline your financial situation.
  • Management of held-away assets: Accounts not directly held with our custodians.*

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  • 2 OnDemand Meetings: To review your progress and performance.**
  • Fee-Waiver for Business Services: Up to two-quarters of advisory AUM fee-waiver to reimburse any business services elected.

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  • Tax Loss/Gain Harvesting: In coordination with your tax professional, we will try to maximize realizing gains and losses in your portfolio at advantageous times.
  • Ability to upgrade to our Gold rebel: You may upgrade at any time without loss of continuity or any data.***

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* You must use LastPass, comply with our policy of non-custody, and hold all other available assets with us that are reasonably possible.

**Must be at our office or a webconference.

***Once you have utilized financial planning services, you must remain a Gold rebel client for at least 24 months.

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The cost is $150/mo. plus our asset management fee schedules below.  This subscription fee is currently waived if you have more than $250,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM):
rF Fee Schedules:

 Preferred Custodians

University 403b, 457b, and/or ARP Accounts

Hourly Rate

* Preferred Custodians for NQ and IRA Accounts include TD Ameritrade, Jefferson National, and TIAA CREF.
** Discounts may be applied where applicable and when warranted, at the discretion of rebel Financial LLC.

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At this service level our only requirement is that you must have at least one account held with us through any of our preferred custodians and there are no minimum asset levels, which is why we have the monthly charge so that we never have to turn away clients that want/need help.

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  • Select the “Schedule with us” button below.

  • You will be re-directed to a online scheduling page where you may book your initial appointment immediately (Choose the “Prospective Client” option).

  • Once you book your appointment, you will be redirected to a short, new client questionnaire (2 minutes to complete).

  • We will contact you before our initial meeting, within 2 business days, to discuss your situation briefly and supply you with the information that you will need to collect and bring with you to your first appointment.

  • 1st Appointment: Is basically an appointment for you to interview us to see if you’d like to hire us and an opportunity for us to do the same to make sure that we will have a productive relationship.

  • If you decide to hire us and we accept you as a client, then we will move forward with the financial planning and asset transfers necessary for your unique situation.

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