Trust a Fiduciary

The world abounds with examples of people taking advantage of others.  Although there are people and even whole societies who would like to think they live in an era of moral/ethical enlightenment, it is still very difficult to know who to trust when it comes down to your most important assets: your family and your money.  With people, it really comes down to trust and judgment of character; but with money, the law has provided a little more assistance by defining and enforcing Fiduciary standards on certain individuals and entities.

What’s a Fiduciary:

A fiduciary, which comes from the Latin root which means “trust,” is someone that has a legal responsibility to perform their duties for the full benefit of another.  Fiduciaries are held to this legal standard and liable for advice given that is contrary to the best interests of the individual whom they are representing. Read more about why we’re a fiduciary.


Not only are we a Registered Investment Advisor and automatically subject to a fiduciary standard to our clients, but Phil Ratcliff is also a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC).  Click here to learn more.

Why We are Independent:

You may be working with a good advisor, but do you know the quality and character of their manager and their corporate executives?  Or whether their larger corporation has responsible and sustainable business practices?  We are a small company, owned by our only financial advisor: W. Phil Ratcliff.  We have almost complete transparency and you can know almost everything about us much more easily.  See how.

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