With the passage of legislation in 2000 and the proliferation of cloud computing, it was only a matter of time before traditional signatures became obsolete – eSignatures can actually be more secure than signing in person! Combine this with the convenience of saving vast amounts of time and trees, and you have a huge win for everyone involved.

Saving you Time & Money:

Tired of printing, mailing, faxing, and scanning documents? So were we! Once we have your information, we can open your accounts at the touch of a button; you can then sign from any device in seconds, and that’s it! No mailing, faxing, emailing, or stopping by the office. This saves all of us time and money; it’s that simple.

You can sign from any of these devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • Just about any other tablet.

Safe & Secure:

All of our Sertifi documents are password protected, sent only to authenticated email addresses, and provide an audit trail that actually makes their integrity and security superior to most traditional signature processes. Learn more here.