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Last Friday, we had the pleasure to talk with Valorie Schwarmann, CFO and Senior Vice President of Homeport, a non-profit housing developer. Valorie oversees the financial systems, processes, planning, and reporting for all lines of business at Homeport.  What is Homeport? Homeport is a non-profit housing developer based in Columbus, Ohio. By building quality affordable [...]

If I asked you to name the most risky asset class, which would you pick? [images style=”2″ image=”” width=”300″ align=”right” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”20″ left_margin=”20″ right_margin=”20″ full_width=”Y”] Emerging markets1 Commodities2 High-yield bonds3 Each investment has unique risks, but volatility of returns is one measure that can be applied to all. At its simplest level, volatility is the […]

While the U.S. stock market, as represented by the S&P 500 Index, has risen a stunning 205.66% as of March 31, 2015, since its low on March 9, 2009, some investors are still reluctant to participate after the near market collapse that accompanied the 2007-2008 financial crisis.1 [images style=”2″ image=”×285.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”020″ left_margin=”20″ […]

Long-term investment goals are as unique as the people who set them. Some investors set their sights on building a dream home; others may be looking to launch a new business. Still others seek the more traditional long-term goals of a comfortable retirement or funding a child’s education. No matter how they differ, all long-term […]

If you are opening an IRA for the first time or need a refresher course on the specifics of IRA ownership, here are some facts for your consideration. [images style=”2″ image=”×200.jpg” width=”300″ align=”left” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”20″ left_margin=”20″ right_margin=”20″ alt_text=”Brush%20sawdust%20″ full_width=”Y”] IRAs in America IRAs continue to play an increasingly prominent role in the retirement saving strategies […]

High-net-worth investors face investment challenges that some would consider unique to their financial status. The fundamental tenants of investing apply equally to them as with any other investor, but the affluent investor needs to be mindful of issues that typically arise only from substantial wealth.[images style=”2″ image=”×225.jpg” width=”300″ align=”right” top_margin=”20″ bottom_margin=”20″ left_margin=”20″ right_margin=”20″ full_width=”Y”]Let’s examine […]