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Top New Digital Tools for Small Businesses  Technology has not just shrunk the tools we use, but it has allowed small businesses the power to operate like a big business. These tools can help small businesses get better organized, efficiently manage their finances, or support customer service and win new business. NEW DIGITAL TOOLS THAT […]

Gun Ownership and Your Homeowners Policy If you own a gun, you need to consider whether you are covered in the event the gun is stolen or destroyed and protected against any potential liability should your firearm cause an injury. Gun ownership is a big responsibility and having the proper insurance coverage is an important […]

Every January, people wait for their W-2s and other tax forms to arrive in the mail so that they can get their information in order before the April filing deadline. While some people have plenty of tax taken out of each paycheck to cover what they owe the government, others are self-employed or don’t have […]

[contextly_auto_sidebar] During this time of year, people turn their attention to finding the perfect gift for everyone in their family, not to mention the gifts needed for work gatherings, as well as holiday gift exchanges with friends and neighbors. You try not to spend too much, but unfortunately, a majority of your gift purchases will most […]

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