Simple rebel client

Become a “Simple rebel” client:


Our Simple rebel client model is our newest and most cost effective service level that most firms do not offer because they do not think that they can profitably serve clients that are not keeping sizable accounts with them. In fact, most firms do not even want to talk to you if you do not have at least $100,000-$250,000 in accounts held directly with them.

However, we feel this is a mistake because many people that fit into this category will be super clients in the future, they just haven’t had time to build up their savings and investments yet… So, in our continuing spirit of rebelling against the financial norm, we’ve created our Simple rebel client model as an investment in the future generations of younger investors that want to take control of their financial futures now, partner with a firm that that cares about them before they have lots of money, and build a relationship of trust from the beginning.

If you are looking to hire a financial advisor/planner for the long-term, want us to help you with basic planning/investment questions, but don’t want/need to actually open any accounts with us then this plan is for you.

What is included as a Simple rebel Client?

All services below are available to our Simple rebel clients:

  • Online Access to your Simple rebel Portal: You have access to all of your financial information and goals based planning tools all in one place:
    • Connect your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, investment accounts, retirement accounts online so that you can see them in one place where they can update automatically and you can keep pace on your progress towards your personal goals.
    • Create a simple financial plan that encompasses your financial goals, such as college planning, buying a home, retirement, and many others.
  • A financial advisor to review your plan: Anytime you build/change your plan, your advisor will review and make sure that your plan is on track to succeed and he/she will keep up with you over time to offer insight and guidance.
  • Access to on-going Financial Advice: We will always take questions from you to help you streamline your financial situation on an as-needed basis.
  • One-time specific investment recommendations: Hold your investments anywhere you wish and, when you need help/advice, just let us know and we can tell you what to do. You only pay us for investment advice when you need help.
  • Ability to upgrade to our other service models: You may upgrade at anytime, however, our Simple rebel model uses a slightly different technological solution than our eRebel, Silver and Gold models which will require some data re-entry by you if you upgrade.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $50/mo.  plus a one-time fee if you ever want us to give you specific security recommendations on any of your investment accounts:

rF Fee for one-time security recommendations:

  • 0.15% of account balance(s) in question.

* This is a one-time recommendation only and we do not manage or make recommendations to aforementioned accounts on an on-going basis. If you do want us to manage your accounts on an on-going basis please upgrade to eRebel, Silver or Gold.

So, for example:

  • You setup an account with us and enter all of your goals and accounts with us but don’t need any specific investment selection advice:
    • $50/mo. via Stripe from any credit/debit of your preference.
  • Then say that you want a recommendation on a $25,000 IRA account at Vanguard, you would pay:
    • An additional, one-time 0.15% of $25,000
    • Then we tell you exactly which investments to buy, sell, exchange inside of your account.

Process to becoming an Simple rebel client:

  1. Select the “Become an Simple rebel client” button below.
  2. You will be re-directed to an online sign-up page to setup your profile.
  3. Complete your profile setup and then begin to enter your goals and add your outside accounts.
  4. We will assign an advisor to you based on your profile and specific needs.
  5. Once your advisor is assigned and you have setup your online portal, he/she will  review your plan and make adjustments to assist in optimizing your plan so that you will have a higher probability of accomplishing your goals.
  6. Your advisor will then send you an introduction email with the changes they’ve recommend and their contact info so that you may reach them when you need help or have questions going forward.