ODA 2018 VR Experience

  • Just let us know if there is a specific concern that we can help you address or an opportunity that you'd be interested pursuing.
    •Virtual reality is an immersive experience that can be intense. Frightening, violent or anxiety provoking content can cause your body to react as if it were real. Carefully choose your content if you have a history of discomfort or physical symptoms when experiencing these situations.
    •A comfortable virtual reality experience requires an unimpaired sense of motion and balance. Do not use the headset when you are: Tired; need sleep; under the influence of alcohol or drugs; hung-over; have digestive problems; under emotional stress or anxiety; or when suffering from cold, flu, headaches, migraines, or earaches, as this can increase your susceptibility to adverse symptoms.
    •We recommend seeing a doctor before using the headset if you are pregnant, elderly, have pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities or psychiatric disorders, or suffer from a heart condition or other serious medical condition.

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