Money that Buys Good Health is Never Ill Spent

April 21, 2014


Health Insurance


According to a 2012 survey by the Insured Retirement Institute, the average person covered by Medicare will have out-of-pocket medical expenses in excess of $4,300 a year (or $8,600 for a couple). The same report found that 63% of baby boomers lack the confidence that they will have enough money to fund their medical expenses in retirement.¹With health care expenses in the spotlight, it’s incumbent upon us to make sure our retirement strategy anticipates these costs.

But that’s not enough.

Remember, health-care coverage (including Medicare) typically does not cover extended medical care. And it’s a prospect we shouldn’t overlook.

The Department of Health & Human Services estimates that about 70% of people will need extended care at some point in their lives.²

These annual costs can range widely based on geographic location, from over $53,000 in Oklahoma to over $250,000 in Alaska. When Baby Boomers were surveyed, only 24% said they were “extremely” or “very confident” in meeting extended care costs for themselves and even less—14%—were “extremely” or “very confident” in covering the costs for their parents.³

Finally, you may want to consider a Medigap policy, which may help cover some of the health-care costs not covered by Medicare.

Making sure that you are properly insured for your medical costs may help strengthen the foundation of your retirement.

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Post by Phil Ratcliff

Phil Ratcliff, President of rebel Financial, is a senior financial advisor that holds an AIF®, CFP®, ChFC®, and CLU® certifications. He started his career at American Express Financial Advisors in 2003, then moved to AXA Advisors for 7 years before founding rebel Financial LLC in 2013.