MaxLogorebel Financial, is pleased to join MaxMyInterest as a partner in helping our clients obtain higher yields on their FDIC savings accounts. Max isn’t a bank, nor is it an investment vehicle. Max never takes custody of cash. Instead, Max simply helps link your existing checking account to online savings accounts that offer a much higher yield, and then optimizes the allocation of cash among these accounts, automatically. Funds remain in your own bank accounts at all times, and all funds transfers are handled by the banks themselves.

Who Will Benefit Most from Max?

It’s likely that almost all of our clients could benefit from Max. However, those who hold more than $250,000 of cash will benefit most. Not only does Max help clients earn higher yield on cash, but Max also helps spread funds across multiple banks, to maximize FDIC insurance coverage. Highly compensated individuals with variable incomes – those who receive large bonuses or commissions, or who receive partnership distributions – tend to be good candidates for Max. In addition to earning higher yields and obtaining more FDIC coverage, they also benefit from Max’s automatic cash sweep feature. Clients set a target checking account balance, and Max helps move excess funds to savings, or replenishes checking accounts to this target level as part of its monthly optimization.

Why is Max Compelling?

You may be frustrated by the persistently-low rates offered on most savings accounts and other cash equivalents, such as CDs and money market funds. Max offers a compelling solution to enhance yield by up to 10x.

 Seeking Yield
 Prefer Cash
 Variable Income
 High Net-Worth
 Tech Savvy

Other clients may respond to how Max helps keep cash safe, via broader FDIC insurance coverage. The Max dashboard enables you to view real-time balances at all of the banks they have linked to the Max platform. It also enables you to transfer funds from checking to savings, or savings to checking with the click of a button. At tax time, you can receive an email with a password protected PDF that contains your 1099-INT statement for all linked accounts.

Clients can also learn more by visiting the Max press page, which includes links to articles in the Wall Street Journal, The Economist and appearances on Morningstar and CNBC.


Instructions For MAXmyinterest Integration with rebel Financial:

  • Click the button below -> In the new window, select “Login”.
  • Here, you’ll receive a sign in screen:
    • Select the “Don’t have an account yet? Join Now” option at the bottom.
  • As you create your new profile, you’ll receive an option to “add your financial advisor”:
    • Ensure this button is checked if you would like us to collaborate with you.
  • A new window will open for you to input our information as:
    • Advisor’s First Name=”Phil”.
    • Advisor’s Last Name=”Ratcliff”.
    • Advisor’s E-Mail Address=””.
  • Check the box next to, “I hereby accept and agree to the terms and conditions of the Max Client Account Addendum – Information Sharing”.
  • Click the “next” button at the bottom of the page, and complete your enrollment process.

That’s it! For more information on Maxmyinterest advisor set-up, download instructions here.






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