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Technology for health is finally moving beyond the Fitbit and counting your steps, to more complicated feedback like improving your posture and correcting your running stride.

An article in the online version of Forbes magazine lists seven fitness-enhancing gadgets that you might want to consider as a way to facilitate a healthier body.  Start with Zikto walk, a bracelet “coach” that analyzes your walking patterns through a series of motion sensors.  It tells you when you’re hunched over and reminds you to correct your posture and gait through a subtle but persistent vibration on your wrist.  ($149)

Or consider Upright Go, which promises to help improve your posture and alleviate back pain.  The little device adheres to the skin between your shoulder blades, immediately providing posture feedback whether you’re walking, standing or sitting—with the results posted on the accompanying IOS or Android App.  ($79)

To relieve stress, there’s the Pip, which you hold between the thumb and forefinger, allowing it to analyze your body’s changing stress levels.  There are companion apps that allow you to de-stress through games and activities.  ($179)

Meanwhile, Dharma Pro has been described as the world’s first smart seat cushion.  Using built-in sensors, it monitors your posture, sitting time and stress levels, reminding you to sit properly by sending vibrations through the cushion.  It also alerts you to take breaks according to your pre-set goals. ($199)

The Zepp attaches to your golf glove, tennis racket or calf sleeve (for soccer) to assess the mechanics of your game.  ($89-$149)

Finally, the Muse assists your meditation practices.  Its headband monitors the real-time state of your brain, adjusting its suggestions to help you obtain a deeper sense of focus.  It will track your sessions and help you work toward a goal of zen-like tranquility.  ($249)


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