Formula for Life

December 8, 2017

Bob Veres

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Formula for life

If you’re looking for a quick list of ways to improve your physical and mental health, you could do worse than follow a list compiled by Bala Afshar, author of The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, who works as “chief digital evangelist” for the Salesforce CRM organization.

His list looks like this:

1 Get more sleep

2 Find time to exercise

3 Drink more water

4 Eat less sugar

5 Stay teachable

6 Read and write more

7 Remove clutter

8 More random acts of kindness

9 Don’t respond to negativity

10 Spend quality time with family

11 Laugh loudly

12 Forgive first

Post by Bob Veres

Bob Veres, a Financial Planning columnist in San Diego, is publisher of Inside Information, an information service for financial advisors.

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