eRebel Client

Become a “eRebel” client:


Our eRebel clients are on-going clients of our firm.  Our eRebel service model is a another unique service level that most firms do not offer because they fail to differentiate between the different levels of client needs and the service they desire. In recognition that many of our clients want help in managing their investments and planning goals but are very “low maintenance” we created this category of client service to provide an excellent but more spartan service that combines the most practical and important services to help clients manage and grow their wealth.

If you are looking to hire a financial advisor/planner for the long-term, want us to directly manage your assets, and help your with basic planning/investment questions then this plan is for you.

What is included as an eRebel Client?


All services below are available to our eRebel clients:

  • Manage Investments Directly: We watch your investments closely and manage with discretion, per your investment objectives. You must use TD Ameritrade as custodian.
  • Tax managed/sensitive portfolios: Depending on your situation and account type, we can tailor your investment strategy to reduce the taxable ramifications of your strategy and use local municipal bonds to make your portfolio(s) more efficient.
  • Online Access to your eRebel Portal: You have access to all of your financial information and goals based planning tools:
    • Connect your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage, investment accounts, retirement accounts online so that you can see them in one place where they can update automatically and you can keep pace on your progress towards your personal goals.
    • Create a simple financial plan that encompasses your financial goals, such as college planning, buying a home, retirement, and many others.
  • Access to on-going Financial Advice: We will always take questions from you to help you streamline your financial situation.
  • 2 Webconference Meetings per year: To review your progress and performance.**
  • Ability to upgrade to our other service models: You may upgrade at anytime, however, our eRebel model uses a slightly different technological solution than our Silver and Gold models which will require some data re-entry by you if you upgrade.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $50/mo.  plus our asset management fee schedules below.  This subscription fee is currently waived if you have more than $100,000 in Assets Under Management (AUM) with us:

rF Fee Schedules:

* You must use TD Ameritrade as Custodian for all accounts you wish us to manage.

So, for example:

  • You have $25,000 in AUM with us through TD Ameritrade then you would pay:
    • $50/mo. via PayPal from any credit card, checking, or savings account of your preference.
    • Plus 0.7% of $25,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $43.75 deducted quarterly from your actual investment account(s).***
  • You keep 150,000 in AUM with us through TD Ameritrade then you would pay:
    • 0.6% of $150,000 out of your accounts, which comes to $225.00 deducted quarterly from your actual investment account(s).***

***This is an example for illustrative purposes only and your account value(s) will fluctuate over the year giving slightly different charges based on market performance.

Client Requirements:

At this service level our only requirement is that you must have at least one account held with us through TD Ameritrade and there are no minimum asset levels, which is why we have the monthly charge so that we never have to turn away clients that want/need help.

Process to becoming an eRebel Client:

  1. Select the “Become an eRebel Client” button below.
  2. You will be re-directed to an online sign-up page to setup your profile.
  3. Complete you profile setup and then begin to enter goals and then add your other outside accounts.
  4. Complete the account opening and transfer process online for any accounts you would like us to manage for you.
  5. We will assign an advisor to you based on your profile and specific needs.
  6. Once your advisor is assigned and you have setup your online portal, he/she will  send you an introduction email with a link to schedule your 1st web/video conference to review your accounts, goals, and future plans.