Why Start a New Firm?

Why start a brand new firm rather than joining with one of the big financial firms?

We decided to start our own financial advising firm for two main reasons:

  • First, we wanted complete autonomy to work and serve our clients. With this autonomy comes the freedom from the highly restrictive rules that bog down larger investment firms, as well as the freedom to implement technological planning solutions much more quickly and efficiently. This freedom and efficiency allows us to give more to our clients at a lower cost.
  • Second, we wanted to provide more transparency to our clients. With our fee-based, fiduciary approach in providing financial advice, we are in control of when conflicts of interest arise, allowing us to reduce conflicts of interest and fully disclosed them to our clients when they do occur.


Please refer to our transcription below if it is easier and/or more convenient for you:

We started our firm for two main reasons:

First, we wanted complete autonomy to work for and serve our clients. While there are many great investment companies out there, most of them have very restrictive rules for their Investment Advisor Representatives, which are two to three times more restrictive than regulators require. While this may sound like a positive thing, it actually hampers the representative from doing as well of a job from what he/she may have otherwise been able to do. As an example, I would never have been able to produce this video at my old firm, but many of the videos you’ll view on this website help me to better provide you with education, transparency and, maybe, one of the reasons we will work together in the future. Another positive element is that we have the freedom to implement planning and technological solutions to our clients at an average pace of 2-3 years before most large financial firms.

Secondly, we wanted to provide more transparency to our clients. No matter what any of the financial companies espouse publicly, there is almost always some product, service, or feature, which is more profitable to them and they encourage their representatives to push these offerings over other options. With rebel Financial, we own the company and provide services through a fee-based approach, which provides much more transparency and lessens the potential for conflicts of interest to arise. No approach eliminates all conflicts of interest but our process puts us in control of when they occur, helps us to minimize them, and allows us to do our best to make sure that they are always fully disclosed to our clients when they occur so that you can make better and more informed decisions.