Scheduling an Annual Review

Your Annual Review

Understand why it is important to schedule and conduct your annual review with us. A lot can change in a year and we are here to help you with those changes so that we can help you towards the brightest financial future that we can. Take advantage of our annual review and schedule yours today.


Please refer to our transcription below if it is easier and/or more convenient for you:

A lot can happen in the course of one year and it usually does. As things around us change, we change too. Our priorities shift, our goals evolve because life isn’t static. Your finances aren’t either, that’s why an Annual Review is so important. It’s the time to get together and look back at what’s happened in the past year. Evaluate how it could affect your future then make adjustments to get you back on track to help you achieve your goals. We will ask the key questions about your personal finances that need to be answered each year.

We start with how your investments are performing. You’ll compare your portfolio’s performance against the market benchmarks. Does your asset allocation meet your current investment needs and preferences? We may recommend re-balancing your portfolio changes in your time lines or risk tolerance suggest modifications.

Has your tax rate changed? We’ll examine whether there are tax efficient strategies that may boost your after tax returns.

How well are you managing your personal debt? We’ll offer strategies to reduce your  debt loan or lower your interest rates. Does your personal retirement plans still reflect your priorities? We’ll make recommendations and adjustments if necessary based on your future lifestyle goal.

Have your insurance needs change? Do your beneficiary designations need to be updated? We’ll evaluate your requirements to asses whether you’re properly protected with the appropriate products. We’ll review your will and Estate Plan and know any items you may want to discuss with your personal attorney especially if family changes and taking place in the past year.

Your Annual Review is a yearly financial check up that can give you a 360 degree picture of you. We’ll answer the questions about where you are today so you can stay on track with where you want to be tomorrow.

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