rebel Financial, Take 2

A brief introductory summary of rebel Financial


Please refer to our transcription below if it is easier and/or more convenient for you:

Hi. My name is Phil Ratcliff and this is version 2.0 of why we’re rebel Financial. We’re rebel Financial because of two main reasons. First, and foremost, because we organize rebel Financial almost exactly opposite of how most of the financial industry is organized.

Most financial companies are organized, number one, no secret, to make a profit. Number two, to comply with federal and state regulations, and then number three, once they satisfied the first two, to get and keep clients.

rebel Financial was organized totally outside of this, thus the name Rebel. To, number one, serve clients first. Then because it is a very regulated industry, to satisfy the state and federal regulators. Lastly, since I’m the only owner and I’m a lot more efficient than those big financial companies, I’m going to do all right financially.

Given all the extra benefits that we have, that you can read about, watch videos, we’ll still come in about 30% under the industry average in costs. The second reason is just because it’s my company and I’ve always just kind of gone against the grain. I don’t like to do things the way that people say, “This is the way it’s always been done.” I work to find new and better ways. A lot of times it’s hard but in many times I’ve been able to do good things. That’s where a lot of my efficiency comes from as well.

That’s why we’re rebel Financial is primarily because we care more about our clients financial well-being than we do just our bottom line or profit.

Thank you again and we hope to be able to serve you into the future.