Estate Management 101:


Estate Management 101:

A will maybe only one of the documents you need—and one factor to consider—when it comes to managing your estate.


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What do Picasso, Jimmy Hendricks, and Abraham Lincoln all have in common? Not much it would seem but they do in fact have one big thing in common. They all died in intestate which means they died without leaving a will causing problems and expense for their heirs. They are not alone, one survey found that 65% of American’s don’t have a will.

The primary purpose of a will is to ensure that your assets are distributed to whomever you choose in the amount and manner that you choose. Other functions include assigning guardianship to minors and appointed an executor to carry out the provisions of the will.

Is a will enough? Probably not. A will may not protect your assets from certain probate expenses and it won’t help your loved ones make decisions in the case of catastrophic illness or injury. A will maybe only one of the documents you need and one of the factors you should consider when it comes to managing your estate.

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