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Beauty and wellness savings hacks can help you save money over your lifetime!  A common misconception is that beauty and wellness products are only for women. But this is far from true! Men still need to use shampoo, lotion, face scrubs, nail clippers... you get the idea. Clearly, everyone needs beauty and wellness products one [...]

October 1, 2018

Bob Veres

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The New Manufacturing We hear about how artificial intelligence is going to change the workforce, and how computers are taking over the world.  But perhaps the biggest shift in our industrial lives has been flying under the radar: rather than making things, we will soon be “printing” them. A new “metal printing press” developed by […]

Health and Technology Technology for health is finally moving beyond the Fitbit and counting your steps, to more complicated feedback like improving your posture and correcting your running stride. An article in the online version of Forbes magazine lists seven fitness-enhancing gadgets that you might want to consider as a way to facilitate a healthier […]

Self-Driving Timetable There has been a lot of hype about self-driving cars, but when, realistically, can we expect to be driven to our destination by a vehicle that has no steering wheel, gas pedal or seat specifically designated for a driver?  The answer depends on which of many competitors you’re talking about, but it looks […]

June 18, 2018

Bob Veres

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Smartphone Addiction? Have you ever wondered how often the average person interacts with his or her mobile device?  As it turns out, the mobile research firm Dscout, Inc. has the answer.  According to its statistics, the average person taps, pokes, pinches or swipes his/her personal phone an astonishing 2,617 times a day.  It adds up […]

January 31, 2018

Bob Veres



Your Spying Phone You like your privacy, don’t you? But do you own a cell phone? A recent article in Science News magazine suggests that there are so many sensory features built into today’s smartphones that we’re all in danger of prying eyes, ears and other senses watching our every move. Does this actually happen? […]

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