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Someday, maybe before long, it will become normal again to get on a plane, and the more daring of us might even decide to travel outside the United States. But as we ease back into long-distance vacations, there is going to be an uneasy period where there are greater than normal numbers of cancellations, delays [...]

December 31, 2020

Bob Veres

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The U.S. Congress recently passed, and the President signed, the 5,593 page Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021—and experts are still mulling over what the impact will be on ordinary citizens. There are stimulus checks, tax planning relief provisions and a break for people who experience high medical expenses during the pandemic. There’s even a new [...]

December 3, 2018

Bob Veres

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  If you’ve looked at your portfolio performance statements, line-by-line, you might have noticed that your U.S.-based stock ETFs and mutual funds are doing really well, but your overall portfolio is not showing quite the same generous returns. Are you the only one? The answer is no; we are coming off of a remarkable decade […]

Flexible Powers      When a person comes down with any of various forms of dementia, it means he or she requires additional amounts of care. It also means eventually taking away the checkbook and access to credit cards, to prevent the person with diminishing capacity from responding to Nigerian email pitches or late night infomercials.      For […]

  Medicare’s Future   Several items that everybody seems to be overlooking in the recent budget deal signed by President Trump are potentially-significant changes to how Medicare is administered.  First on the list is the elimination of Medicare’s independent payment advisory board, authorized under the Affordable Care Act to serve as a check on higher […]

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