What is rebel Financial?

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An Advisor With One Goal.


Why "rebel"?

Why do we call ourselves “rebel”?

rebel Financial was founded to do things differently from how most financial firms operate. We have organized the company to serve our clients first, comply with all applicable regulatory requirements next, and then worry about how to make a profit last.  This is totally opposite of the traditional financial firm and it is our fundamental rebellion: That we work for you, first.

A Foundation Of Integrity

We pride ourselves on transparency and in the spirit of that, we fully disclose all aspects of our organizational structure.  We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) in the States of Ohio and West Virginia, although, we do have the ability to work with anyone, in any state, in the U.S.  Our company is also a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) Incorporated in the State of Ohio.  All shares of rebel Financial LLC are owned by its founder, W Phil Ratcliff.

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